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Five years ago, my husband and I visited Fort Lauderdale, Florida for our honeymoon. We were blessed to have a room just paces from the beach. Late in the evenings, we watched turtles emerge from the ocean to find a safe place to bury their eggs until it was time for them to hatch. In the early mornings, we listened to the lull of the waves lapping the shore.

There are so many options when your temporary residence is the ocean, but there was only one thing I had to do before we left: sit and watch the sunrise. Exhausted after the wedding and subsequent flight, the Pontoos decided to sleep in our first morning in Florida, but before climbing into bed that evening, I made sure to ask Google what time the sun would rise the next day to which it replied: “6:01 A.M.”

I set my alarm for 5:50 A.M. to allow myself enough to time wake Phil. We settled ourselves in our spots in the sand and  waited for the sun. At 6:00 A.M., there was a faint orange glow in the distance on the horizon and within five minutes, the sun had risen in all its brilliant glory.

It was in that moment of reverent majesty that I received a revelation. What if everyone operated in his or her purpose the way the sun does? The sun rises and sets each day on time because that is what it was created to do. Its ascension and descension are pivotal in how and why our world functions with systems and schedules the way it does. What would happen if one day the sun decided it was not going to rise? What if it decided it was not going to do what it was purposed to do?

Each day, we rise and each evening, we climb back into bed, but how many of us rise with purpose? How many of us rise with the intention to do what we were created to do? How many of us are living each day on purpose?

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if the sun refused or was apathetic toward its purpose like many of us. Now identify the areas of chaos in your life. Are you operating on purpose with purpose on your job, in your community, in your home? How have your actions or inactions contributed to the dysfunction you see? How would your life be transformed by a personal decision to live each day conscious of the power your God-given purpose possesses? We were created to glorify God. I encourage you to ask yourself every day you are blessed with a new day “In all that may be going on around me, how can I give God glory?” and watch His power be revealed in your life.