This is good. Death is always sad. I think it particularly shakes us up when someone we see as “having it all together” demonstrate so incredibly the opposite. Take the time to love, to pray, to care about what is going on the minds, hearts, and lives of others.

Chris Martin Writes

I’m sure every corner of cyber space is full of blog posts, sentiments, tweets, statuses, and memories of Robin Williams this morning. Anytime a celebrity of that caliber passes away, the entire planet is rocked to its very foundation. The news is always shocking, because people like that are placed onto such glamorous pedestals in our society. Fame, fortune, and popularity are the main ingredients this world not only revolves around, but also on which success is based. It’s sad. The passing of Robin Williams is sad. But, to me, not because we will never see him in a movie again.

I’m saddened this morning because no one might have ever shared the Gospel with Mr. Williams.

I don’t pretend to know the spiritual condition of his heart. That’s between himself and God. I want this post to be a wake up call to the Church. We are the body…

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