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When we are called out of the world and into the Body of Christ, we are called to also transform our minds: to take on the mind of Christ and be in the world and not of the world. Oftentimes we change our “sinful” behavior but never address the root causes and thus, transition into church with the same ideas, principles, and expectations we had in the world. What qualifies a person’s worth or significance in the world becomes the same criteria with which we critique our brothers and sisters in Christ. Beauty, wealth, titles, and esteem remain the standard and are regarded just as highly in the church as they were before. Because we do not address the source of our standards, we often confuse “work” with worship, and we get upset when it seems as if others are not pulling their weight or are as busy as we are.  This leads to our frustration and dissatisfaction with the ministry.

In Chapter 10 of the Gospel of Luke, the writer tells the story of two sisters Mary and Martha, who both loved Jesus. When Martha invited Jesus in, she took charge of the duties associated with Him and His guests. However, Mary found herself at the feet of the great teacher soaking up everything she could. Eventually, Martha became so annoyed with Mary that she asked Jesus to scold her and send her into the kitchen to help. But, Jesus did not respond in the way that Martha expected. He told her that while she was “busying” herself with small, insignificant tasks, Mary had made a better choice: to take full advantage of being in His presence. Martha was so busy “doing” she missed the whole point. Jesus, the savior of the world, was in her home! What else could be more important than sitting at His feet!

It’s so easy to get caught up in what looks good to to others forgetting that what often “looks” good doesn’t impress Jesus. (Remember what happened to green-leafed fig tree?) What the world wants from us, what we can do or give, will never be what Jesus requires. While Martha was running around doing what she thought was best for God, God was content with Mary’s willingness to sit in His presence and learn of Him.

Have you become overwhelmed with the responsibilities of your ministry? Do you continue to take on more duties without first praying for guidance? Have you become so distracted with running and doing that you have forgotten how to still yourself? Does it feel like you are responsible for everything and no one is helping you? Do you believe you are the only who is concerned about the never-ending task list before you and everyone else seems to be clueless? Maybe you are focusing on the wrong assignment. Seeking the presence and will of God for your life should always take precedence. Don’t let working distract you from worship.

Pray and ask God to show what to put down; the tasks you have decided are important but are meaningless to Him could be distracting you from what He desires for you in this season of your life. What is your source of significance? Praise from people or the presence of God? Don’t let your “doing” be a distraction. Review your to-do list today and make sure *Seeking God* always occupies the priority spot.