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Proverbs 27:19: “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”

What would you do if someone told you that you had a huge, black mark on your face? If you are like me, you’d whip out your smart phone, flip your camera to “selfie mode” and check it out. We are not able to see our own faces, so we must rely on the reflection of our faces as an accurate account of what we look like. Likewise, we are not able to see our own hearts, so we must rely on our lives to reveal what lies deep within.

What consumes your energy? With whom do you spend most of your time? Where does the majority of your income go? What makes you angry or overly confident? Who is the first person you call when you’re feeling down or in trouble? The answers to these questions and others reveal our hearts through the choices we make everyday. Many of us profess with our mouths what our lives simply don’t back up. Does your life reflect a sincere love for Jesus and a desire to live for Him? Or, have you become so consumed with YOUR plan, that there really isn’t much time left for His. Take a look in your spiritual mirror to see if something is there that should’t be.

A word of caution: The value of an image is only worth as much as the instrument used to reflect it. For example, a fun house mirror cannot be trusted to provide an accurate reflection because its standard has been distorted. The only instrument that can provide a reliable reflection of your life is the word of God. You cannot look to your family or friends or even your church or Pastor as the standard for a life that reflects Christ. Sometimes we get caught up doing the same things with the same people so often, our standard of truth becomes distorted. We exchange a fruitful relationship with Christ for regular church attendance or a chaste and pure lifestyle with modest speech and dress. The Gospel is the only standard for Truth and the way by which we find ourselves.

This week, I encourage you to examine your heart through the way you choose to live your life. Is that black mark you see just a speck of dirt that can be flicked aside or is it time to make an appointment with the Ultimate Heart Specialist for consultation on a much deeper issue?


Help us to make choices that reflect a sincere desire to see Your will be done in our lives. Dismantle and disassemble every project and priority that has not be divinely assigned by You and increase our faith to trust that if we seek Your kingdom and all of its righteousness, everything else will be added unto us. In Jesus’ name.