Sweet and Simple. 🙂




The day I  found God,

I was at  my lowest ebb,

No one to  confide in,

Just a  voice within my head,


The voice  was sweet and gentle,

So calm  and full of love,

These  kind words were spoken,

Sent from  God above.


At times  when you feel lonely,

You feel  you have no friends,

That’s  the time I am with you,

Giving  love that never ends.


This  message of love and comfort,

Filled my  spirit with light,

Gave me  strength to carry on,

Gave  courage for me to fight.


The day I  found God,

I was  accepted in Gods loving care,

God was  the one, who found me,

Lost in  deep despair.


Remember  God is all around you,

So very  easy to find,

Don’t  close your eyes to spirit,

Or you  will end up spiritually blind.


Malcolm G Bradshaw    

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