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I find it very uncomfortable how easily those who profess themselves to be Christians can judge others and comment on the evil that dwells within them as if they are unreachable–the Mormons, the Jehovah Witnesses, Beyonce, Katy Perry– but can’t see the devil that dwells within them. The one that whispers to them and tells them that the pride and self-righteousness they hold so dearly is apart of the Christian membership benefits package. The one that encourages them to set the standard for others and not Jesus. The one that moves them to serve a God of their own creation and not the one, true and living God.

I am in constant war with my flesh and the desires of my corrupted heart; I do not have time to condemn others to the Hell to which I have no key. There are billions of people who are lost, dying each day. Some of them sit in the pews next to us at church each Sunday. Yet, instead of praying for the lost; for God’s Kingdom to come to Earth. Instead of witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and showing His love to everyone, even people who don’t meet our standards of holiness, as if it matters, we sit around and discuss the Illuminati, Harry Potter, Satan worshipers, and witches. We pet our own Pharaseeic demons and place ourselves on a pedestal while we snub our noses at the rest of the world. All the while, our own hearts are far from Him.

The word of God is a mirror, not a magnifying glass. We should be using it to examine ourselves and work out our own salvation, not to expose the shortcomings of others. If we focused on straightening our own ties, we wouldn’t have so much free time and words to waste.