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Imagine a night club that never turned off its light

I imagine it would not be a popular spot. But why?

Those of us who dance well can do so in the dark as well as the light

So why the trepidation?

Because the dark has a certain seduction that light can’t seem to match.

The darkness lures you into choices in the light you’d choose to take back

Because the darkness convinces you to believe the lie that “no one can see me”

Our sin nature tells us to hate the light and the truth

That’s why we pray Psalm 119:

Thy word is a light unto my feet and a lamp unto my path.

So lead me not into temptation,

But deliver me from the dark

Or sin nature tells us to put ourselves first, others next, and God last

But the darkness knows there is no JOY in this and without JOY we’ll die fast

Maybe not physically, but definitely spiritually

Because once the lie meets the light

We must choose to turn our hearts inside out

And fight for our life

Or run in the other direction

Deliberately sinning, slipping further and further away

Which leads to guilt from shunning the One who truly loves and

Double mindedness from the blindedness that causes us to sway

But if I can hide those iniquities in the corner of my dark room

I don’t have to paint the picture: the lie that is my life, not today

But one day… soon

But as long as I am convinced that one day is not Today

I’ll continue to be seduced

Into a life of eternal dark

Forever night

Infinitely consumed.