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Love is
complete, lacking nothing
Mutually exclusive
And yet totally connected to everything
It is
The way your smell lingers in the air long after you’re gone
But I am the only one who ever knew it was there at all
It is
The combination of the perfect lyrics and melody blended together- our song.
It is
The beat my heart skipped the first time my eyes met that smile
It is
Knowing, truly knowing without a doubt from the pit of my soul that you are the “One” that I have been waiting for
It is
My desire to do absolutely nothing but lie in your arms and flick thru television channels on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
It is
The thing that lust can never be
It is
What lust lives to envy

Lust is the thing that kills love, real love
When it is allowed to creep in and deceive
It feeds on communication
It destroys reconciliation
With no regard, it tears away piece by piece the one thing that will really mean something in the end
And replaces them with shallow, vain imitations of love, real love
It is
The throb between my knees when you lick your lips just the way I like
It is
The thoughts of being beneath, on top and beside you that creep into my mind at the most inopportune times.
It is
What has become most important to so many.
The size of breast, hips and thighs mean more to them then my hypothesis that poor health in Blacks correlates to skin tone. It’s true. I have facts. But he didn’t want to see my facts.
In fact, he’d rather converse about getting stacks and the smacks that my back would soon receive and though it would sting, it ultimately would lead to the purest form of ecstasy that my mind could conceive. Really?

It is
What I have fallen for so many times before
Instantly gratifying
Sensations…Pulsations…Fixations…that would eventually distort my perception of reality
We are together… I think
He’s my man…I think
We are madly in Lust
And it was in this lust I did trust
I drowned in this sea of naïveté
Beaten down by waves of lies and
Sucked in by the current of society and the myth that this is what love was.
Lust drowned me

I reached out and love rescued me
Resuscitated by the breath of repentance and redemption
Love was personified in you
Love, my hero.
My hero is you.
So it is love that swept me of my feet
Love that listened to me
Wiped my tears and eased my fears and told me not to worry because nothing would ever change
And it didn’t, and you didn’t
Love became everything that was missing
Love filled every gap and hole
Erased every memory that lust was sure would haunt me forever
Lust tore me apart, but love holds me together
Lust is what I had to let go of to find the love that I truly deserve
The satisfaction that the Father of love had reserved, just for me
Lust had to be crushed beneath the glory of holiness and swallowed by consecration.
And in my wholeness is where I found my half, my counterpart, my complement, my purpose for creation.
Though I have been delivered from the terrible blows Lust delivered me, I have not forgotten.
So, when Love vs. Lust-
Love will always have the Victory

Now, that’s a Love T.K.O.